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Extract & download Youtube videos

ExtraVid welcomes you. Wether it's your first time visiting or 7th time just today, we are happy to see you. We offer online tools for video extraction from Youtube, including converter to MP4, MP3 and other audio and video formats. Just give us the video URL (or audio URL, if it's a video with static image), and we will help you extract video or audio track, save it to your device for offline access whenever your heart desires. Plus there is no extra data usage, you only spend as much data as 1 single viewing of the whole video, with audio - even less, a fraction of the data that would be required to stream video just 1 single time. And so this is for you if this video will be your goto good time, or to share it with friends or family, and even maybe repost to other social networks, edit it, comment on it, use parts of it in your video commentary, - we are happy to help whatever your intentions are for the extracted video file.

Extract Youtube video into MP4, MP3, etc

Here are some of the most demanded video and audio formats to save or convert Youtube video to. It is mostly MP4 and MP3 but sometimes users prefer WebM or M4a, those come unconverted, simply extracted from Youtube platform, while the former 2 formats are actually processed on our servers to be converted and sent to you, because Youtube doesn't support MP4 or MP3.


How to extract video from Youtube?

Video extractor web-app

Add to Home Screen

Let's make it clear - at ExtraVid you don't need to install any software or create any accounts, subscriptions, etc to use the tools for video extraction. But if you like so, we have this native app for Windows, Android and Linux devices. Simply click on the button here to get the app, it's free and it simply mirrors the functionality of the website by using your favorite web browser without menu or extra tabs, to make it look like an app, so we call it web-app.. Easy to try, easy to uninstall, requires almost zero space in your storage, so it's one of the coolest apps you can find. Give it a go!

ExtraVid bookmarklet

Download Mp4

Bookmarklet is just a normal browser bookmark, only in this case it has a little hidden feature. Try it out, you will definitely love it, especially those who use this app often and with sites other than Youtube. First save this bookmark to your browser, easy to do by drag-and-drop process. Second - go surfing the web and find video you'd like to extract and save to your device. Now it's as simple as clicking the bookmarklet. It will copy video page URL (link), then open ExtraVid, insert video link into the form, and scroll for you to click the Download button. So it cuts out the annoying copy-paste step.

FAQ :: Questions & Answers

How to convert Youtube video to MP3?

  1. Open video you need to convert to MP3, copy its link to clipboard.
  2. Visit extract and insert video URL into the entry form, tap Download button.
  3. Select the MP3 (or M4A) format then Gwet Links and click the big green converter button or save with right-click (tap and hold).

Do you have any limits I should be aware of?

No, this site is truly unlimited video extraction and conversion. Just do 1 video at a time to avoid exploiting the system and hogging up all the resources.

Does app work with Youtube video playlists?

Yes, playlists are welcome, not just from Youtube, but any other site that supports them. Copy playlist page URL, then submit to ExtraVid for processing, and extract whatever videos/audios you like when list of them shows up for you.