Save Facebook video to MP4

Download videos from Facebook to MP4 format, this app requires no signup and no special software install

You can either copy Facebook link and insert it here.
Or use the shortcut button below, just save it to your bookmarks first.
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Convert Facebook to MP4 with ExtraVid

ExtraVid knows how to download and convert online videos from many sources, but this particular page works with Facebook videos, converting them to MP4 format. To use the app, follow instructions on this and front page to copy video link to ExtraVid and start converter process. Just make sure MP4 is selected as the file format, otherwise it's exactly same process as described on this site.

Any other websites supported?

We work with 100s of other websites, including video and audio collectors, like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Bandcamp, Soundcloud. We can help with all social networks, including Twitter, Tiktok, OKru, Vkontakte, Reddit, etc. We can help with online broadcast sites and streaming radios, any forums that embed videos and blogs with their own video libraries. Simply copy video link and bring it here to find out if ExtraVid supports the site for video extraction.


How to extract Facebook video and save as MP4 file?

FB to MP4 with web-app

Add to Home Screen

Let's make it clear - at ExtraVid you don't need to install any software or create any accounts, subscriptions, etc to use the tools for video extraction. But if you like so, we have this native app for Windows, Android and Linux devices. Simply click on the button here to get the app, it's free and it simply mirrors the functionality of the website by using your favorite web browser without menu or extra tabs, to make it look like an app, so we call it web-app.. Easy to try, easy to uninstall, requires almost zero space in your storage, so it's one of the coolest apps you can find. Give it a go!

FB to MP4 shortcut

Download Mp4

Bookmarklet is just a normal browser bookmark, only in this case it has a little hidden feature. Try it out, you will definitely love it, especially those who use this app often and with sites other than Youtube. First save this bookmark to your browser, easy to do by drag-and-drop process. Second - go surfing the web and find video you'd like to extract and save to your device. Now it's as simple as clicking the bookmarklet. It will copy video page URL (link), then open ExtraVid, insert video link into the form, and scroll for you to click the Download button. So it cuts out the annoying copy-paste step.

FAQ :: Questions & Answers

Where to find the downloaded files on my device?

Try press CTRL+J on desktop to open default Downloads folder. On mobiles - use browser three-dot menu to open recent Downloads section.

Do you restrict the total downloads per user?

No, you can extract as many Facebook videos and save MP4 file as your heart desires. Don't do multiple videos simultaneously, to avoid using up all the resources - there are other users here right now.

How to download FB mp4 on mobile smartphone?

We don't want you to be using this app on smartphones for video extraction, because it will waste a lot of your monthly data plan. But if you are on free wifi - simply follow instructions above to download and convert Facebook videos fast and easy.